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Happy Clients

I just wanted to share a quick note and let everybody know that Mina does a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with him. He is punctual professional and approachable. He applies his professional experience to help his clients. I definitely would recommend him for anyone who wants to add depth and guidance to his life.


Mina is friendly and has a warm and kind energy. It makes me feel safe and allows me to express myself without feeling shame when opening up closed doors within me.
Whether he plays the role of a teacher or a coach, Mina is considerate of his students' and clients' pace and makes sure that we are taking our own steps towards versions of ourselves.


Since I started having coaching sessions with Mina, I really felt like he put lights to my road, as he understands my hesitant words to be set in a good goal that we can work on it. Feeling comfortable while talking about what is annoying me was not a real challenge in these sessions. I became more confident with my decisions and to stay committed to my daily tasks. His sessions are always affecting me positively in all my life aspects. He helped me to set my 2021’s goal. I learnt to forgive and let go.
I would like to thank Mina for assisting me with my challenges.


Mina is a very kind, life affirming trust worthy NLP practitioner. My sessions with him were often turning points towards more self awareness.

His guidance helped me discover sides of myself I was not aware of and also provided creative solutions for destructive behaviors and thoughts. I'd describe my experience with Mina as mind broadening and life changing.

I'd say I became a more self aware optimistic and better version of myself thanks to him.

Amira Youssef

I first knew Mina as a teacher, was taking the NLP course with. He was amazing and I’m not exaggerating if I said I connected with him at once. He is blessed with a very kind, joyful energy. I needed a session and was shy to book one, I did. It was an amazing one where I reached the out come I asked for. He was patient with me, he was making sure I’m resourceful, he was empathetic and the description for this session is ( he was my paid friend, anyone would wish for with tools knew it existed but couldn’t find before.) I could write a thesis for this. The second session was one to one and omg it was profound; I was helpless and tired to do anything and I had a Reiki session. I was surely rejuvenated; he didn’t just touch my pain but he also eased it for balance and God’s light to mend my wounds. Mina is a healer, friend, kind, teacher and young, kind energy. He surely makes life a better place. I’m blessed alhamdolalah.

Rania El Far

It helped me a lot to have someone in my life who makes me feel at ease, free of judgement, full of love and accepting to whatever it comes out of me.
Coaching me through my challenges with myself and everything else i thought was outside of me.
I can't tell how much I’m grateful to have Mina Mikhail as my coach and how I am now experiencing all the aspect of life in a deeper level and how much love i have to myself and everyone in my life. I grateful to be able to see and have such understanding at a young age.
Thank you Mina Mikhail for shining my life
Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙏

Moustafa Ramadan

When mina first told me about what he does, i felt that he could help me but I didn’t know how. 6 sessions in and he showed me what it means to truly believe in my self. It totally changed me. I am no longer the shy person that is always quiet when ever he is in a room full of people that he doesn’t know. It wasn’t just me that felt this change but my friends and family starting telling me that there is something different about me and they would always describe that change as for the better. Mina would always ask me what i wanted to work on , what did i desire to change and then he would help guide me how to achieve that change.


Mina has been a great inspiration for me especially as a coach, he has helped me a lot in reaching a number of outcomes, decisions, stretch my comfort zone and see things from a different perspective.
Mina has the ability to help his clients to be at his/her best by his comforting assuring approach. He’s a natural and skillful coach whom I would highly recommend.

Amira Salem

Wheat Field

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