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Who Lit Your Candle...?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We know there are different kinds of candles, the tall ones and the short, the thick and the thin, colored ones, scented ones and ones only used in occasions. And observing all the traditional candles in the world, we'll always come down to some common aspects in each of them. Particularly, they all light a unique looking flame, they're all created & melt down or expire at some point, and they're all lit from an external source.

We human beings are the same in that sense. We're all different in one way or another; age, race, gender, ethnicity... etc. But we also share those same common aspects. One, we all shine a unique purpose in the world (aware or unaware of our true purpose). Two, every one of us has a date of birth and a date of departure regardless of the timing. And three, we're all lit from an external divine source, that is our spirit.

What about that flame though? Could you ever tell by looking at two candles which has a better flame? Which flame is older or more authentic? or which candle holds the original flame?

The true essence, God, the source of the divine fire shining inside each of us is the one who created our candles and the one who lights our flames. We are all merely manifestations of God on earth living our purposes and shining the Love that is his true essence within all of us.

If we're different in shape, size and form, but we share the same flame, the same divine essence within, doesn't that make us, in a way, one and the same?

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